Getting Ready to List?

If you're thinking about getting ready to list your home, below are some simple tips to help get your home in showcase mode.

* Declutter!! Clear off counters, clean shelves, closets, etc. Store excess furniture and remove out of season clothing from closets to give a larger feel. Minimal is best!

*Give the house a spic and span look and feel and try your best to keep it that way. It gives potential buyers the impression of a home well cared for.

* Let there be light! Brighten those rooms by putting higher watt bulbs in fixtures, replace burnt out bulbs and think about painting the walls a fresh neutral color. Replace heavy drapes with sheer ones and give those windows a good wash.

*Curb appeal... a little tidying up outside goes a long way. Rake those leaves, trim back those shrubs, clean the butters, add a potted plant or two for added curb and entry appeal.

*Bring in accent colors... A colored afghan, accent throw pillows, area rugs, a centerpiece or entry table of bright colored flowers. A burst of color adds pizzazz!

*Fix those little nuisance repairs! Dripping faucets, caulking that has cracked, patch holes, squeaky or sticky doors gives the impression the house is not maintained well.

* Get rid of odors. Nothing turns off a buyer more than a smelly house. Clean the carpets, drapes, and eliminate pet smells. Scented candles will help, air out the house and open windows for a spell.

*Stage a bit....set the table with a lovely table setting, add new fresh towels and shower curtain to make the bath feel amd look more luxurious.

*Walk your dog......during showings try not to have your pets present but if this cant be arranged please confine them to a crate or a specific room(basment) and let the realtor know ahead of time.

*Be invisible.... try not to be present for showings. If this isnt possible, go to an area out of potential buyers way, such as porch, yard, garage, basment. It s uncomfortable and awkward for buyers to express their opinions with the seller present.

Hopefully, these suggestions will help in readying your home for the market... Let me know if I can be of service in your listing or buying endeavor!