Banishing the Winter Doldrums

woman snow shovelingWell friends, what a winter it’s been! I am always excited when the first snowflake of the season falls. I love snow in December, but by February…not so much. At this point, I’m tired of driving in it, looking at it, and shoveling it. I’m sure there are a few of you who feel the same way. Maybe even most of you!

The gray skies, snow, and bare trees add to our winter blahs. To banish them, I’d like to throw out some simple ideas to add color to the dreary days of winter, and bring a spring-is-in-the-air ambiance to your home.

A set of pillows (or any home décor with a punch of color) can easily warm up chilly months. Add a splash of color to your table, even if it’s just your family gathering for dinner. Paint an accent wall and you’ve immediately added an inspired dash of “happy” to any room.

When you’re outside, walk with your camera in hand, and snap a few shots of the beauty inherent in your surroundings. Afterward, showcase your photos in the empty space on your wall, or frame them for your bookcase.

woman wearing colorful hat and scarfEnvelope yourself with uplifting hues. Bright colors naturally energize any setting while creating a “feel good” mood. So guys, wear that yellow sweater, and gals, that colorful scarf. Enjoy the smiles they inspire in those around you.

Before too long we’ll be ushering in Spring, then Summer, and soon…. wishing it was Winter again.

Gloriana Barkanic of Brownstone Real Estate

Gloriana Barkanic
Brownstone Real Estate Co.