Thinking of Listing Your Home for Sale? Put it in Showcase Mode!

Attractive living room interior with sofas, coffee table and plantsIf you’re thinking about getting ready to list your home, below are some simple tips to help you get your home in showcase mode.

Clear off counters, clean shelves, closets, etc. Store excess furniture and remove out of season clothing from closets to give a larger feel. Minimal is best!

Banishing the Winter Doldrums

woman snow shovelingWell friends, what a winter it’s been! I am always excited when the first snowflake of the season falls. I love snow in December, but by February…not so much. At this point, I’m tired of driving in it, looking at it, and shoveling it. I’m sure there are a few of you who feel the same way. Maybe even most of you!

The gray skies, snow, and bare trees add to our winter blahs. To banish them, I’d like to throw out some simple ideas to add color to the dreary days of winter, and bring a spring-is-in-the-air ambiance to your home.

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